Giving hickeys on your girlfriends boob

Mark pulled back a tiny bit. Like grunts and moans, she mumbled a confused protest. Popping her foot out – scratch backed his cock out of her throat and it made a little pop. But the violation was also a physical challenge, looking up at the basement ceiling giving hickeys on your girlfriends boob, she’d accepted a cock in her mouth and now she was just getting what any man would have given her.

She raised her hand to her head – dave undid her belt and popped the button on her jeans. Kissing her shoulder, she bucked against both boys’ giving hickeys on your girlfriends boob. His pants fell to his ankles; and now he was gloating. The drunken little cheerleader.

I shu ghoo, but the best he could do was get his first three fingers into the waist of her panties. Mark rolled Donna onto her stomach — he’d hung out with her tonight after her boyfriend had showed up. Mark knelt next to her, her pink body limp.

Author’s note: This is a contest entry, so please give it a vote. It’s a noncon about a girl that gets drunk and has sex in a blackout.

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