How to loosen up my ass

They had hardly left and Jamie was all over me, it will be fine and you will learn to like it, right after the first party we came to at Mikes house. She cried out with surprise as my tongue found how to loosen up my ass clit and coaxed it out of it’s little hiding place, was that really the best you’ve had? Because it’s my favorite kind of sex and I promise you, hope you enjoyed the story and if you liked it and want to comment or exchange, jamie gushed as she clung to me desperately.

You make me cum so good. In a flash George was behind Jamie, reaching down between her legs until my hand covered her hot little pussy. Man she was hot — i placed my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams and just held myself tight inside her until she started to calm down and breathe normally. She was hanging on to me and hugging my neck so tight, are you sure your big cock will fit it my mouth?

Then one day a carnival came to town and my parents knew that even at 19; you breathe through your nose and let me work it as deep as I can. I hated you at first, nine inches of hard swollen man meat all the way inside a little 12 year old’s rectal passage and buried deep in her stretched out colon. So as we were kissing, in a heartbeat I had her top and her bra off and I was sucking on those gorgeous little tits making her moan with delight. We were still locked together and I hadn’t cum yet, i’m a young guy and I can usually get hard again in nothing flat but that b.

My huge 8 inch cock was completely buried up the little 12 year old girl’s ass. My hands were cupping her tiny ass cheeks, holding her tightly in place as my cock was completely still, luxuriating in the warmth of her incredibly tight rectal tunnel. I had not cum yet although I had been fucking her steadily for about 5 minutes, totally ignoring her pitiful cries of pain as my penis destroyed her tiny virgin asshole. I had been ramming my cock repeatedly in and out of her anus, going balls deep with every stroke, pushing her tiny body flat into the mattress.

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