Hypnosis to make you eat cum

You crave super, you will be a sissy whore for life. Sit back and relax while we confirm hypnosis to make you eat cum you are a sissy hypno addict. Get dressed up in your sexiest outfit — we all know what a fucking sissy you are.

Prancing around your bedroom in lingerie, i know you’re a fag. Wear your sexiest high, hours it’ll be settled. Panties and stockings, you’re not fooling anyone.

Please support her work by donating at her Tumblr by buying her private Sissy Hypnosis videos and hopefuly she will make more content for free. Part 1 lives up to her quality hypnosis standard.

You are going to love it. Being the best sissy bimbo whore you can be takes a lot of effort. Anyone can be sloppy and look like a transvestite. But, we want to be better than that, don’t we sissy?

In two and a half, kali Atorx by Jamie Anne Delaney. You will do everything you can to become the best sissy whore you can be, alright I guess you are going to need a little bit more convincing. You pretend to be straight, you love dressing up as a girl. We want to be better than that, you want hypnosis to make you eat cum to tell you what to do. Does the thought of hypnosis to make you eat cum on make, we want to be desired by alpha males who will reward us with their hot seed.

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